Corporate Counsel

Outside Attorneys for Corporate Counsel is designed with you in mind.

As Corporate Counsel, Find Outside Attorney.

  • How many times have you needed to employ outside attorney in a specific practice area and jurisdiction?
  • Have you asked for recommendations through colleagues and friends?
  • Are you getting the best qualified attorneys at competitive rates?
  • Are you compromising expertise and increasing costs by not having the right outside attorney from the location you need?

Finally! A No Cost Solution!

Use this no cost solution allows you to easily identify and connect with the most appropriate outside counsel for your needs.

Qualified Outside Attorneys For Your Location Or Practice Area Needs

Whether your company is local, regional or national, situations dictate the need to hire qualified attorneys in either practice areas or locations where you just don’t have the right contacts or resources.Our solution allows you to find the best fit for your company.

Do You Need Help With:

  • Labor and Employment matters
  • Bankruptcy matters
  • Copyright and Patent matters
  • Accounts receivable claims
  • Information Technology matters
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Professional Liability
  • Intellectual Property
  • Creditors Rights/Collections
  • If you have a need not listed, Contact Us!  We will work diligently to find you an attorney in the jurisdiction and practice area you need!

We Will Connect You To The Right Attorney For Your Needs.

You will have multiple choices to find the right fit at the right price for your company.

  • Search our list for attorneys where you need them.
  • Or call and speak to our knowledgeable staff about your needs.

Benefits Of Using Our No Cost Service:

  1. We provide corporate counsel with a bonded resource for referrals to outside counsel in various fields of expertise and locations
  2. You have the ability to locate outside counsel to perform legal services that your counsel cannot due to field of expertise, conflict or business reasons
  3. Options for contingency based attorneys in litigation matters to recover money due
  4. Opportunities to engage counsel in subject areas and physical location of needed services
  5. Opportunities to engage counsel at more affordable rates with direct access to the attorney handling the matter
  6. All listed attorneys must maintain One Million Dollars in Malpractice Coverage, be in good standing with their bar associations and attest annually that no disciplinary actions have been filed against them

How To Become A Corporate Counsel Member At No Cost

To gain access to outside attorneys, become a Corporate Counsel Member at no cost! Simply provide your company profile when you access our link to our membership.

Once we confirm your information is correct, you will have immediate access to our resources. You will be able to search for outside attorneys by jurisdiction or field of specialty. Your contact info will not be displayed publicly or be accessible to our outside attorney members.

How to Gain Access to our Attorneys & Their Firms ?

Simplyprovide your contact and brief corporate profile here and you will have access to our database. Then follow the prompts to learn about our attorneys and their firms.

You will gain direct access to discuss the terms directly with our outside counsel that works best for your company.