FAQs for Outside Attorneys

Q: How do I join your listing?

A: Click here or see our Membership page.  Pricing is based on firm size, the number of locations and the number of practice areas selected.

Q: Is our listing exclusive to our jurisdiction?

A: No, but we limit the number of firms in each jurisdiction to provide corporate counsel with choice, while not over saturating the market.

Q: How do you market my law firm and services?

A: We market our listed firms through our website, our email campaigns, attending numerous events and conferences across the country throughout the year and targeting corporate counsel within our practice groups.  We also meet and have direct dialogue with corporate counsel. There are over 40,000 corporate/in-house attorney in the United States and our goal is brand recognition with as many as we can reach!

Q: Are your practice groups limited to labor and employment, commercial litigation, professional liability, bankruptcy, intellectual property and creditors rights?

A: For now yes, but we continually explore the need for other practices areas with corporate counsel. We may expand into other practice areas as needs arise. Contact us to request a new practice area.

Q: What if corporate counsel needs an outside attorney in a practice area other than those listed?

A: Any time corporate counsel expresses a need for outside counsel in a practice area not listed, we will make every effort to find outside counsel with the correct experience.  We start, of course, with our listed firms.  Only if that fails do we go looking for new outside counsel to join our list.

Q: Are there requirements to join?

A: Yes ! Outside attorney applicants must provide a certificate of insurance showing minimum coverage of One Million Dollars, be in good standing with your bar association and certify that there has never been an adverse disciplinary ruling against you and that no pending disciplinary proceedings are pending against you.

Q: Do corporate counsel have to join or qualify to use your service?

A: No.  Our listing is designed to provide a free service to corporate counsel, so there are no listing requirements.