Connecting Corporate Counsel with Outside Attorneys

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Outside Attorneys Get Found & Get Marketing Exposure

How Outside Attorneys Works:

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Attorney connections in the jurisdictions and practice areas where you each need it most.

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Benefits For Outside Attorneys

  • Instant exposure to over 40,000 corporate counsel.
  • Be a go-to firm in your jurisdiction and practice area!
  • Connect as an inclusion/diversity attorney to interested corporate counsel.
  • Let us do your marketing for you!

Are you Corporate Counsel?

Are You Looking For Outside Attorneys?

Benefits for Corporate Counsel

  • Instant access to our no cost network of outside attorneys.
  • Local attorneys in the jurisdictions you need.
  • Attorneys in the practice areas required for your company.                            
  • Find inclusion/diversity attorneys meeting your needs.

We celebrate and are committed to advancing a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Why Use Outside Attorneys for Corporate Counsel?

  • Attorney connections for both Corporate and Outside Attorneys
  • Corporate Counsel receive easy, no cost access to outside attorneys in the jurisdictions and practice areas they need most.
  • Outside Attorneys get marketing exposure to over 40,000 corporate or in-house counsel.
  • Take advantage of our unique process of online marketing and advertising with face-to-face interaction.
  • We are proud to support and market to and for diversity and inclusion attorneys.
  • Our company’s mission is to provide the best marketing tool to connect corporate attorneys with outside attorneys.