Become A Member of Outside Attorneys For Corporate Counsel

Outside Attorneys for Corporate Counsel Membership

Gaining Membership As An Outside Attorney Is Easy

It’s easy for outside attorneys to join!  Membership with our list requires you to complete the attorney biography and upload a current certificate of insurance showing a minimum of One Million dollars in professional liability coverage.

We also require that you are not a EU citizen and that you live and work exclusively in the United States.

This certificate will need to be updated annually and will be accessible to corporate counsel to view. Our team will review your request and provide you with approval feedback or a request for additional information.

Membership Pricing For Outside Attorneys

Pricing is provided when you access our link to membership.  There is a minimum two year commitment to join our list, but firms will be charged annually.

Pricing is tiered based upon firm size and the number of practice areas selected. Firms may choose up to three (3) practice areas and name up to three attorneys in those practice groups at no additional charge.  Firms may also provide office locations on our list in up to five (5) states at reduced rates.  This will require local offices and attorneys in each state requested. Large firms are firms with 25 or more attorneys, medium size firms are firms with 10-24 attorneys and small/solo firms are firms with 1 to 9 attorneys.

How To Become A Corporate Counsel Member At No Cost

To gain access to outside attorneys, become a Corporate Counsel Member at no cost! Simply provide your company profile when you access our link to our membership.

Oncewe confirm your information is correct, you will have immediate access to our resources. You will be able to search for outside attorneys by jurisdiction or field of specialty. Your contact information will not be publicly accessible and will not be accessible by our outside attorney members.